zondag 14 december 2014


The Technical Committee  (TC) was presented with a list of questions by an A Class manufacturer in September this year for clarification. The TC discussed and following a unanimous decision by all participating members a reply was forwarded to the manufacturer. Our answers were obviously not what the manufacturer wanted to hear so under a manufacturer’s rights, under ISAF regulations, he presented a proposal to ISAF for clarification. They have now given their answer and under ISAF regulations all members must be notified.
The correspondence to ISAF involved 4 questions, 3 will be addressed. The 4th question was a 49-question paper presented to ‘assist’ the TC in making its decision. Both the TC & ISAF did not respond to the fundamental 49 questions that manufacturer could easily find answers for.

1. A diagram was presented showing a hull appendage entering from the top and exiting bottom of hull in terms of Rule 8.2. The appendage goes outside the max beam of 2.3m  (Rule 4) once exiting hull and remains outside 2.3 m for a portion of its travel to the fully down position when it fits back inside 2.3 m.  Manufacturer claims this should be allowed, as board is not outside 2.3 m limit whilst racing. Both the TC & ISAF disagreed with this.

Rule 4 is a measurement rule, which shall apply at time of certification and at any time during an event within the rules of the event. If an appendage is removable then the action of removing or inserting that appendage does fall within the measurement conditions of Rule 4.

2.  A fixed hull appendage is bolted in place. Manufacturer claims he can remove appendage after racing during an event. Both the TC & ISAF disagreed with this.

Fixed hull appendages may be bolted in place, but if so, shall remain in that condition for the duration of the event. If a modification to a boat means that a measurement is changed (i.e. fixed appendages become retractable or removed from bottom of hull) then the boat needs to get permission from the Race Committee in accordance with the Event Rules or Class Rules. Thus rule 8.2 applies at time of certification and at all times while the boat is at an event.

3. Rule 8.2 states ‘ Movable and retractable hull appendages shall be inserted from the top or be capable of being fully retractable into the hull ‘ Manufacturer claims that due to wording of rule if an appendage is movable but not retractable it should not be bound by Rule 8. Both TC & ISAF disagree with this.

The wording “Movable and retractable hull appendages” cover three possible combinations. 1. Movable hull appendages. 2. Retractable hull appendages. 3. Movable and retractable hull appendages. All fit within Rule 8.

The TC  & IACA is made up of volunteers representing the members of the class. Through their time and efforts all members enjoy the class as it is today. There are procedures in place under our constitution to change any rule and the procedure that applies.  As a class we need to be proactive in going forward, not spending our time looking for loopholes. If something is perceived to be wrong, let’s make suggestions to fix it through the correct channels.

Graeme Harbour
Chairman IAC Technical Committee

Andrew Landenberger
President IACA

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