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dinsdag 29 september 2020


donderdag 23 juli 2020

4 Nations Cup

Hellecat  wants  to inform you that they have published the entry form and the NOR for the 4 Nations Cup, including BEL-, GBR-, GER- and NED-Nationals.

Early entry fee €110,- Valid till 16/08/2020
Late entry fee  €130,- From 17/08/2020

Payments can be made to: Catamaranvereniging Hellecat, Duinweg 11, Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands. 
IBAN NL71RABO0344815056 mentioning "4 Nations cup 2020 @ Hellecat"

You can subscribe to the event via the following link:

You can download the NOR via the following link: 

maandag 8 juni 2020


vrijdag 29 mei 2020

Information about the 4 Nations Cup

Hello everybody,

as we see the things developing at the moment the event might still go on without any problem.
Only thing is that we might have to comply with the 1.5m regulation and this might bring limits to our social program but we will see how things will be in September.

From the google form I have now the interest of 66 sailors so we can have have an estimate between 60 to 80 boats.

For the logistics:

- boats can arrive from the weekend before the event (29 - 30 August) and stay at the club without extra charges till the weekend after ( 12 - 13 September), in this weekends the transport to the beach with the tractor will be guaranteed
- Transport to the beach is also guaranteed Thursday 3 September from 5-6 pm
- A list of the possible accommodation will be provided in the NOR

Race course:
there will be one race course with different starting groups

For the Social program:

Friday 4 September pre-dinner/Apero ( in collaboration with the Belgian Class)
Saturday 5 September 1 dinner ( maybe with live band)

For the prizes:

The club will provide the prizes for the overall rankings, not the countries rankings.
Please send me a separate email if you want Hellecat also to provide for the countries rankings prizes , these cost are to be cover by the respectively class association ( one full podium cost around 100 euros).

NOR and SI:

These are almost done ad will be published in due time.


I would like to know if the any of the a-cat national class is willing to support the event bringing in sponsors or if you can/want subsidies the event, this just to improve the event and lower the fees, i think the entry fee will be around 90/100 euros.
There is the possibility to make quite a big banner with the supporting sponsors to be hang up at the club.

This is the status at the moment, please let me know if you have any other remarks and comments.


Sergio Zonligt

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