donderdag 19 november 2015

Jaarverslag secretaris IACA

Secretary report

It has been an interesting year with the development of the flying A's. The boats get airborne earlier

and the flight is more stable. On top of that just a few weeks before the WC an old idea, the

surfboard style sail with the trampoline acting like an end plate as an addition was shown by Holland

composites which had an interesting potential.

A number of request have been received to change the Rule 8, which ranged from modifying a part

of it and removing it altogether. Some countries who were in favour to remove it before now want to

keep it While others now want the opposite. So a new vote will be done at the WGM.

Another thing which was brought in was that with the removal of the limit of 100 entries has had an

influence of the number of sailors coming to the events who were used in earlier years, they did not have to qualify. Also the payment of the IACA fee was still not done in time by a number of nations.

So not having a limited number of WC places this could not be used as a penalty.

The organisation of the WC 2015 has been one that surprised with the way the planning was

followed. The main reason was that Maria Louise was the key figure were everything had to be addressed to. She was clearly experienced in this sort of thing, and the WC evolved steadily into a

successful event.

All this shows that the class is alive and really kicking.

Treasurer report

In the last WGM  I was asked to remove the name of Herman Deege from the bank account title.

I have had contact with the bank and found this was impossible. The reason is that the account was

originally registered under English law, so did not have to register at the Chamber of commerce. This is not possible anymore. So if we want to change anything we will have to register it in the

Netherlands first. This will mean that we have to make it a business or other form of organisation

with the full board. The meeting has to decide whether we want this. In the meantime I asked permission to have Hans Klok as the person who can get to the account as a spare person, the role

that Herman Deege had too long ago. Permission granted. A number of people are going to see

whether the account can be organised elsewhere.

The finances have been gone over again by Greame Harbour which will report on his findings. The

class is in a healthy financial situation with the sum of € 43093 credit. The one budgeted spending is on the work Martin Vanzulli does to maintain the class website at € 3000/year. In 2015 Martin again

requested me as IACA Treasurer,  to transfer to my own account 1000Euros to cover a mast charter

for Punta Ala, and also to transfer 1500 Euros to an A-Class boat builder. The pending 500Euros were

received by Martin in cash at Punta Ala.

The number of members has been more or less steady around the 925 members for some years. The

only thing is that we allow attendance of the WC  to sailors who are not member of IACA. I have

failed to have all of them pay the fee in Italy. I tried to get it after the WC, but to get € 10 through banking into the account the cost for the payer is € 35, and it costs also on our bank side, so I


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