woensdag 8 juli 2015

Measurement Guidelines Worlds

Dear Presidents,
I know it’s only a month since I sent the attached notice for your distribution to your competing sailors in Punta Ala. However in this time I have received reports of boats competing in recent regattas that do not fit the Rule 8 and black band requirements and
emails from competitors with requests to know if their boats are class legal when clearly outside class rules. I have also received reports that attached notice was not received by some competitors after my initial request.

The World entry numbers are quickly approaching 170 and measurement at Punta Ala will become a logistic nightmare unless boats are presented fully rule compliant.
One of the main issues that may be faced is the boards exceeding  the 2.3m limit after exiting the bottom of the hull, this measurement applies to all positions until fully down. Please ensure that your sailors check this and if needed make the necessary corrections before arriving.
I again seek your assistance to distribute the attached notice for a second time to all your country competitors with a request that they ensure they meet all measurement guidelines before arriving.
Graeme Harbour
IACA Technical Committee

Measurement Guidelines

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